“Hello,” The Elf said, “I overheard your conversation and I may be able to offer you a job.”

The Elf was dressed in flowing robes, and an almost obnoxiously large hat. Charms dangled from his colorful outfit and he leaned on a staff engraved with runes from top to bottom.

“I’m a professor at the nearby Academy of the Magical Arts,” He continued, “I was recently attacked by bandits who stole a few of my things.”

He pauses for a while. He then continues:

“Now, I have classes to teach. I’m quite an important person, you see. But YOU are just simple adventurers. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind going to find this stuff for me, right? I’ll pay you for it of course.”

He pauses again, adjusting his over-sized hat. The he says:

“I managed to follow my attackers enough to see them head into a cave deep in the forest. I’m almost sure they are setting up camp here. If you go here, there’s almost no doubt you will find them, and then, you will find my things.”

He smiles widely, showing off his magically perfect teeth.

Chasing Bandits

Chasing bandits